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Summer Movies We Love

Summer movie viewing starts June 1st, and goes through Labor Day Weekend.  During this time period, you are allowed to watch any of these movies as many times as you want as long as there is no MLB on the tube.  There are links to Amazon (I get nothing from this) at the bottom of the sidebar), if you are interested in purchasing these movies.


When this movie came out in theatres in 1975, no one had any idea who Steven Spielburg was, or how clunky the shark was when it even worked.  But no one went into the water the rest of that summer.  I couldn't sleep with my feet hanging off the bed.  No, it's not Snakes on a Plane, Jake.  In fact, its 45 minutes before you actually see the monster.  The suspense, the chemistry between the three main characters, and the music make this movie unforgettable.

The Deep

Actually, this movie is what I consider Peter Benchley's sequal to Jaws (as opposed to Jaws 2, or any of the remaining Hollywood digits).   You never know when you watch a movie you haven't seen in years whether it will hold up or not, but this one made it to the summer list.  The hairstyles and clothing that typically date movies are so classic and casual, and Bermuda prides itself on as little change as possible, so you really have a tough time placing the time period other than 20th century.  Robert Shaw died (at 51) shortly after making this movie, and here you get at least of glimpse of the handsome swashbuckler he played in his youth.  Nick Nolte and Jaqueline Bisset are at their most beautiful, and natural.  And as Chris points out, she doesn't wear a stitch of underwear in the entire movie.

Independence Day

Clever take on H.G.Wells,  "The War of the Worlds" (a childhood favorite, I loved being scared by movies), great special effects that still hold up rather well, three hunks, and none of the dark mess that became The War of the Worlds recent remake.  Plus it came out on July 4th weekend when it opened in the theatres.


Given the recent disasterous tornados across the entire country, it's hard to say I used watch this movie for fun.  It does, however, portray an accurate picture of what we know about tornados, and where our technology is, even today, and it's a lot more thrilling to watch than the home videos you typically see on the Weather Channel.  

Chris walks into the room and this movie is on.  "It's getting windy."

The Long Hot Summer (both versions)

Paul Newman is Paul Newman and he is at his clever handsome best.  I actually liked the remake with Don Johnson as well, but couldn't find it on DVD.  Both are just steamy.  Whoever wrote the review on Amazon got it right:  southern fried melodrama.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

It's amazing what Elizabeth Taylor has done for full dress slips over the years.  (Love her, RIP) Why, why can't Paul Newman's character see that?


The New Halloween Hit List

For this season, there are a few new entries I thought worth viewing:

Dark Shadows

Another Halloween selection featuring our fav Johnny Dep.  The setting in the 70's, complete with music and costumes, was a surprise and Alice Cooper looks the same 40 years later.  Hilarious.

Snow White and the Huntsman

I know, I know, Kristen Stewart, Kristen Stewart.  While she is supposed to be the star vehicle in this dark little take on the Grimms Fairy Tale, Charlize Theron is the stealer as her costumes get more elaborate and darker with every scene.  After our second viewing, Grace said to me, "sort of Halloweenee, isn't it?"  (I suppose at some point I will succumb to the Twilight series, but not yet."

Edward Scissorhands

Tim Burton and Johnny Dep's first project together is worth a revisit, at least as this time of year.

Ghostbusters 2

I'm not usually a fan of sequels, but I happened across this one on cable, and laughed out loud.  Our boys have been reduced to party entertainment as the scene opens five years later.  Rick Moranis (Little Shop of Horrors), never disappoints, nor do any of our heros and all of their little toys.

The Hit List From Last Year

Hocus Pocus
Practical Magic
Little Shop of Horrors
The Ninth Gate
Sleepy Hollow\
Young Frankenstein
Dracula (with Frank Langela)
The Curse of Dracula (with Bela Lugosi)
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Translyvania 6-500
The Witches of Eastwick



The Thanksgiving List


 There isn't much in the way of movies focused primarily on Thanksgiving, but this one particular movie was one of my mother's favorites.  It was originally broadcast on TV by ABC studios, and though you can find it on Amazon, I would not encourage you to purchase it.  I rented it from Netflix, and was disappointed in the quality.  Grainy, black & white.  But Truman Capote's narration of this story, a memory from his childhood, brings back my own memories of watching this on TV with my mother as a child.  It was usually broadcast around Thanksgiving, and has that association for me.  For years I tried to find it looking under the title "A Thanksgiving Visitor" and couldn't find it on Netflix.  Turns out, Capote did write a story by that name, but it has never been made into ta movie.  I finally found it by searching under Truman Capote on Netflix.


The Halloween Line Up

We are not crazy about horror or gore, so don't look for any of that on this list.  Funny, yes.  Classic, yes.  Well made versions of the stuff that used to scare us silly when we were little kids.  Hopefully, you will agree:

Hocus Pocus

Hard to believe a Disney movie didn't make it in the theatres.  The three most hilarious witches to come out of Salem in decades.

Practical Magic

Now these six witches are probably the most glamorous you will ever find, and all six have some of the best hair in Hollywood.


Great music, ridiculous concept, dogs and cats, living together.

Little Shop of Horrors

A Halloween musical with Rick Moranis and Steve Martin?  Who knew either one could sing or dance.

Sleepy Hollow

Tim Burton does it again.  Oh, and it's got Johnny Depp. 

The Ninth Gate

Now here is a Johnny Depp movie maybe you haven't seen.  Very well done, very sexy creepy.  It's also got Frank Langella and Lena Olin, two of my favorites.

Young Frankenstein

If it's been a few years since you watched this Mel Brooks classic, its time to take another look.

Bram Stokers Dracula

A little bit gorey, a little be sexy, but it's probably the closest to the original novel of any of the Dracula renditions out there.


A remake from 1979 with the most handsome, elegant Dracula ever, played by a very young, incredibly handsome Frank Langella.  Don't miss his interview in the special features.

The Witches of Eastwick

It's got Cher, it's got Michelle Pheiffer, its got Jack Nicholson.  It's on the list.

An American Werewolf in London

This was probably the first movie on my list, and still one of my favorites.  The Dr. Pepper Guy, early John Landis special effects (he did Michael Jackson's Thriller make-up and special effects), and a soundtrack with every song ever written about the moon.



The Short List of Fall Movies

This list is very short, because there are only 10 days between the Autumnal Equinox and October 1st, which is the advent of the Halloween Season at our house.  The season being crowded with both MLB and NFL, there is not much viewing time anyway.  Anyone have any suggestions or favorites of their own for this season?

The Thomas Crown Affair

I like the remake.  I saw the original in the theatre when it came out, and it was just so cool.  Didn't hold up. 

Stylish, clever, and Rene Russo is the most perfectly dressed woman for Fall in NYC.  And Pierce Brosnan, of course.

A River Runs Through It

Watch this first before you watch the next movie, or you may never see it.  Brad Pitt, being a bad boy, and film footage in Montana.  Robert Redford directs.

Legends of the Fall

Now this is a movie.   At least for women.  Chris thinks it's one of the biggest tear jerkers out there, and rightly so.  I cry at the end of it every time I watch, and every time I watch I discover a new emtion in scenes I had forgotten about.  I once saw Brad Pitt doing an interview, where he said he never realized the power of an entrance, until he shot this one.